AF ポータブル ファイヤープレイス - D.S. & DURGA ディー.エス. & ダーガ

AF ポータブル ファイヤープレイス Portable Fireplace

Auto Fragrance


Top Notes

  • ドワーフパインウッド
  • アトラスシダー

Heart Notes

  • オークアッシュ
  • シダー

Base Notes

  • 白樺
  • バーチタール
  • コパイバ樹脂

Nothing is cozier than a fireplace. The hearth brings us back to that ancient desire for warmth. The smell of a fireplace alone makes us think of the country, the holidays, the joys of cooler weather. Family gatherings, reading, romance, old world–associations are plentiful.

In the speed of the modern world, especially in the city, it is rarer to have a working fireplace–or to take the time to light a fire. It’s a commitment. So we created the candle to give you the scent and feeling of a having a gentle fire roaring wherever you may be. It took a while to get the wood mix right; we use a particular blend of cedar, pine, and oak and add cade and birch for smoke and ash.-D.S.