AF ホーリーフィカス - D.S. & DURGA ディー.エス. & ダーガ

AF ホーリーフィカス Holy Ficus

Auto Fragrance


Top Notes

  • カルダモン
  • フラキンセンス

Heart Notes

  • イチジク
  • シダー

Base Notes

  • ジンジャー
  • サフラン

India is in our DNA. It is Kavi’s motherland and it has always called to me. It is a big source of inspiration for the brand. The Bodhi—a holy fig tree—is revered in India for its association with Lord Krishna. It is also the tree Gotama Buddha received enlightenment under. You can still visit the place where the tree stood (and stands replanted) in the Bihar state.

Holy Ficus is a loose fantasy based on the this tree. We took a classic fig accord and draped it in ginger, saffron, frankincense, and cardamom. It fills the room with a Indian spices, wonderful fruit, and hopefully a faded memory of something larger.-D.S.